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Product Type / Whole Round

Latin Name / Scomber scombrus

Origin / Norway+

Production Type / Wild Catch


It has a fusiform body shape and lives gregarious in medium level of Atlantic Ocean. Mackerel which is imported generally from Norway has a red, very fatty and very delicious meat. Boning is easy. It contains high value of Omega 3, Vitamins D and B12 and a source of nutrient which is salutary for children. 

Cooking suggestions: Grill, stew, baking and stuffing. Also it brine and smoked. Are fine tastes for many cuisine.

Product Group Pelajik
Size-Packing Content 200-400 g
300-500 g
400-600 g
600+ g
Gross Weight : 20+ g
Net Weight : 20 kg
Glazing Rate : 0%
Freezing Method : Interleaved Bloc
Packing : Jumble
Shelf Life : 24 Months (Since Pro. Date)
Storage Conditions : -18 ºC


Appearance Natural Colour, Shiny Skin, Natural Mucosa, Woundless
Eyes Shiny, Convex eye with black pupil
Gills Red colour, With transparent mucus, With odour of algea
Taste Not Bitter
Meat Firm, not dry
Odour Natural Smell
Roe&Feed No Feed & Roe
Chemical Chemical free