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About Merlion Seafood

One of the companies of Sagun Group, Merlion Seafood is focusing on importation of seafood products, is a leading Seafood importing company in Turkey. Our Company has been offering most qualified and healthy Seafood products to Turkish market which are imported with carefully searching, selecting and performing required analysis and controls. Merlion Seafood has an important contribution to the healthy diet of our society .

Merlion Seafood has a wide global supply chain and this chain continues to increase day by day. Direct import is carried out from the most reputable manufacturers and exporters located in the countries such as Norway, Iceland, Chili, Peru, People Republic of China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Senegal, Vietnam, which are all known as important seafood products exporting countries globally.  

The product portfolio of Merlion Seafood is quite extensive. Fresh salmon, Frozen WR Mackerel, Saithe Fillets, Herring Flaps and Fillets, Pangasius and Basa Fillets, Alaska Pollock Fillets, Sword Fish, Squid Tubes and Ring, Whole Round Squids, PND Shrimps, HOSO BT and HOSO White Shrimp are only some of the products being imported.

Our Company has successfully maintained its activities for the introduction and adoption of Salmon Fish in Turkey and still continues its import adventure that it has started with only small amounts by taking it to important amounts now. Being the only distributor of Marine Harvest, which is already the biggest salmon manufacturer of Norway, in Turkey Merlion Seafood carries out its import activities via refrigerated trucks. Salmon Fish is very rich in terms of Omega-3 fatty acids; it decreases the level of bad cholesterol and also reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Norwegian Mackerel and Icelandic Saithe are the best adopted and known fish in Turkey among the imported fish. We can see these products when we eat grilled fish sandwich every day.

Continuing its activities for spreading and increasing the consumption of seafood products, which are natural resource of healthy nutrition,at full steam, Our Company continues to try to find Mouth-Pleasing, Quality and Healthy seafood products for Turkish People all over the world. For this reason, it is highly possible that totally new seafood products will be added to Turkish Kitchen in the nearest future.